Game time?

Just wondering if I am over looking this!

Where can we find how much omega time we have left besides the account management page? Or has CCP not given that feature back to us?

Just wondering so I can keep track of how long before I get to fire sell all my scrap!

I’m pretty sure it’s just in account management

Just from account management.

Seeing it in-game or from the character selection screen have not been re-implemented.


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You just have to log in your account managment, there is no issue. :watermelon:

Figures. They haven’t reintroduce it to anywhere but the account management.
Good thing I looked, gave me the chance to cancel my sub.

Character Sheet / Pilot’s Services

You can see exactly how much time left and when Omega status expires.

Character sheet, pilot services tab will tell you to the minute when your Omega time expires. You will need to calculate the number of days between now and then.

Thanks. Looking for a way out of game. I should have been more clear in my OP.

Way out of the game is easy - just log off. Remaining game time and stuff is irrelevant if you aren’t enjoying yourself. Might want to donate your stuff to one of the in-game charities like @Mike_Azariah Magic School Bus or similar.

I think you missed the point. I would like to see my remaining Omega time without having to log into EVE or sign into account management.
Used to be able to check with Neocom, but CCP removed the endpoints and so no we see nothing.

EVEMon tells me when my accounts expire - down to the second - so the API endpoint exists.

I think it is a difference between the CREST API and the new ESI API. If I remember it right, CCP remover the endpoints for ESI or the Neocom developer didn’t add it to the Neocom II.

You can still use the XML api endpoint at the moment:

It is deprecated however, so only has a few months life left.

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