A request for an app to track remaining sub time

Let me start with - I’m a pleb when it comes to code and writing apps so don’t know if this is even possible. Especially seeing there seems to be an issue with how the API sees account status since plex was converted to its current state.

What I would like;
A small standalone app that I can put multiple account API’s into that will then tell me how much time is remaining on each account.

Evemon sort of does this by cycling through characters but shows plexed accounts as expired so is no use for tracking remaining game time on accounts not paid for with $. *EveHq has the same limitation, I guess Devs haven’t got around to, or don’t see the need to, add “NuPlex = Game Time” to the API.

I’d be happy to donate isk (or plex) to someone who could create such an app.

NB; This may just be a matter of finding a Dev willing to spend the time to add “Plex = Game time” to the API so EveMon and similar apps will show plexed accounts as active rather than expired.

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Not sure if an issue is sorted, but try the EvE Droid App, some people claim it still works.

According to what people talk about knowing when your Omega timer expires is due to some bug so CCP removed that from the API key, which was most likely due to the changes done to PLEX, dunno.

So if that doesn’t work, either you login on your account management page to see when it expires, or grab one of dem sticky papers and just write the date when Omega expires so you don’t need to open any page or app just to see that. If the idea of having sticky papers all over the screen just have a book where you write down every thing with bookmarks to easily flip open the pages.

Thanks for the reply,
Sadly my phone is a bit dated with no plans to replace it, so Eve Droid isn’t an option.

I do currently write down when each one expires, which in this modern day really shouldn’t be necessary.
As for doing it via account management - That in itself becomes a long drawn out painful experience after checking the first 4 or 5 accounts.

It was when plex was changed that this happened, it was only plexed accounts that were affected. Seems whoever wrote the code for the new API didn’t add Plex correctly and rather than fix the bug it was removed altogether.
The very professional approach CCP is so well known for - Add it, ready or not.

Does the proper expiry time show from the accounts page? i.e. https://secure.eveonline.com/AccountManMenu.aspx

At least one problem is that CCP has retired the XML API function that would normally provide this information (http://eveonline-third-party-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/xmlapi/account/account_accountstatus.html) but of course that API is also inaccurate as you noted above. Moreover, the ESI doesn’t (yet) contain an equivalent function.

If the accounts page shows the proper information, then it should be possible to script an SSO app which can pull this info off the page. I don’t have a PLEX’d account so I don’t know if the info is accurate.

Yes, the accounts page still shows it, and it’s accurate there.

This information is important, and the CSM has been in discussion with CCP about how to expose it in a useful fashion to players.

It probably won’t be via API, but there are decent options under discussion.

(My suspicion as to why it’s an issue isn’t plex related, but Alpha related, as accounts don’t go inactive now, just down to Alpha. which is quite different on the backend)

Probably not saying anything you don’t already know …

People use that information to make sure their accounts are up to date without having to spelunk each and every one manually. Something not machine readable is not going to be terribly useful.

Alpha state can already be detected via the API without a direct flag. Trying to obscure it by castrating Omega expiry information is naive.

No point creating such an app at this point if one already does not exist as the ability to track how much time remaining in your account isn’t going to be available in ESI and the EVE API and CREST are being decommissioned in May 2018.

Would an app where you manually enter the dates and then can look at it to check work? Then you dont need api.

Lots of time-until apps available through the various app stores that could be used in that case.

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I understand the use cases people want. :slight_smile:
They’re the ones being discussed (But I can’t yet share those discussions. And I don’t want to promise anything on CCP’s behalf)

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