[Suggestion] PLEX transaction history

i think it would be great to have a PLEX transaction history for purchases in the New Eden Store, adding/gifting Omega time etc.

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99% sure this is in the account pages.

ya, that’s not really what i mean, that page is for out of game purchases. but i’m talking about the ingame item “PLEX” that you can use to buy various items and services ingame.

eve portal (phone app) has something like this

alright, but that’s an out of game application.

Well, your solution is duplicative.


what solution?

you are right dat history is just missing, you even cant just see did you spend the right amount in omegatime to your alts and was it the right one^^
since the wallet got that big fat plex info ther should be enough space on the tab for history


yes, thank you.

I agree. A special tab in the wallet would be great.

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