History of adding "Omega days/PLEX" or how to reduce the load on the "Support Service"!

Greetings to the community of miners, gankers, fishermen, grinders, builders, traders, and everyone else, good and not so good capsuleers from the World of Eve Online!

I propose to add the history of accrual of Omega and PLEX days to the area highlighted in green, in the format:
Date and time of addition (year.month.day), days of Omega or PLEX, quantity, source (Purchase, Gift, New Eden Store, Daily Login Campaigns, Event or Referral program)

2023.12.24 | 12:12 | Omega | 30 days | Purchase
2023.12.24 | 12:12 | PLEX | 500 | Purchase
2023.12.24 | 12:12 | Omega | 15 days | Referral program
2023.12.24 | 12:12 | Omega | 7 days | New Eden Store
2023.12.24 | 12:12 | PLEX | 25 | New Eden Store

The history should display information about a direct addition (activation of Omega days or PLEX) to the account or something that was not activated, but was simply added to the “Redeem Items” section.

If this is difficult to implement in the game client, then add this functionality to the user’s personal account.

What will it give:

  1. The player will be calm, as he will see that his Purchase, Gift, etc., have been added/activated to the account and the player will not have to remember/count to check if everything has arrived.
    Especially when it is human nature to make mistakes or forget.

  2. Taking into account the first point, this should reduce the load on the Support Team. Why create a “Request” about a problem that actually doesn’t exist.

  3. It’s just nice to see the history of adding Omega days/PLEX for events or the same Referral program. Agree, you’re pleased to see when money arrives in your wallet!? The same principle applies here.

Thank you for your attention!
Fly Safely!

This is already in your account.

Click on “transactions” and it gives you the last 50 transactions on the account.

If you are talking about a personal account on the site, then ONLY information about personal purchases is indicated there.

I propose adding more information to this section, since personal purchases are not the only source of Omega days/PLEX.

It would be great to integrate this into the game client, as it would be much more convenient for players, since all the information would be in the game itself.

I indicated other reasons in the main message.

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