Omega time on the game client character select screen

It would be useful to have Omega account information shown on the game client character selection screen after log-in. The area below the characters would be a good screen location. (Re-position the New Eden store Button).
Some of this information exists on the Eve Portal phone app.
While I’m not highly programing literate, it seems this function would be an easy add.
The information I’m specifically asking for is,

  1. The current Omega account time left and/or subscription dates.
  2. Which Omega subscription package the account is on, (1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, PLEX or no subscription).

This would be much easier to see rather than having to go to a secondary application (web page or phone app).
And, of course, include the obligatory button link to the Omega store web page.

this has been brought up several times, and CCP has security reasons why they won’t put that stuff on the character select screen.

**side note, your suggestion in the QoL thread, won’t be seen by the algorithm.

To understand, do you mean the client is unable to request database server info in a secure way?

i’ll let CSM @Brisc_Rubal explain this.

All I can say is we’ve asked for this multiple times and have been rebuffed multiple times.

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