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Greetings capsuleers,

I’m just dropping by to give you a few extra details about a little feature I’ve snuck in that’s going live with the September release. It’s probably just appeared in the patch notes with the following message:

  • The character selection screen will now present a warning drop-down if the user’s Omega State has expired since they last logged in.

We’re working to do a better job at telling you about your current account status, and this is the first tangible product from that. This feature is targeted at one specific use-case, and it’s this:

“I am a titan or supercapital pilot, and my subscription has lapsed without my realizing it. I need to be warned before I log into the game on my super, as it would be extremely vulnerable.”

The way the feature works is that when you log into the game, the server checks to see if you were omega the last time you logged in, but are now alpha. If you meet that criteria, you will see a little dropdown like this:

At this point, you have a decision to make. You can continue to log in on any of your characters as an alpha, which may affect the state of your ship and modules. You’ll get a little splash screen letting you know you’re now an alpha, and at that point you’re considered informed. After this you will not see this banner the next time you log in, but it will return to help you if your subscription lapses again in the future.

Alternatively, you may wish to ensure you are omega status before you log in. You can purchase omega via one of several channels. Once you have purchased omega, please be aware that this banner is not constantly polling for subscription updates. It checks your subscription status only once per login, and will not vanish once your omega status is activated. If you would like to be certain that your omega status has been processed, you should close and re-open the client. This will prompt the client to re-check your status, and once the banner ceases to appear your omega status has been processed and you are clear to log in.


CCP Bartender


This solves a really, really narrow problem. What we really need is a Remaining Omega Time counter so that we know when this problem is about to occur at all. You know, something virtually almost all of EVE’s population benefits from and that has been asked for for over a decade? Then, in addition to this counter, your current banner is helpful because it not only displays information when it is too late, it also displays information to help prevent the too late part from happening. :smiley:

Yeah, right, and your warning does not help that purpose for 99% of the time. It only tells you when it’s too late. Consolation, it’s tiny little step in the right direction but no where near enough to be happy about.


+1 on what Rivr said. Having to have a 3rd party App to tell you when your sub is exactly going to expire is a little silly. Unless it is displayed somewhere now (I haven’t noticed, but it would help immensely if displayed at the login screen).

I have a difficult enough time of remembering what I am supposed to be doing next week never mind when the hell my yearly sub is going to run out. =/

CCP Dudes… why not just add a freaking timer to the character sheet… you guys going all around the way to be simple. .that’s pathetic… really

stop trying to be super complicated on providing a basic customer service need to your paying customers…

just add the damn acct status to the character sheet. after all you removed CQ’s don’t act like you don’t have much space!!

It’s been there since the August update. Check the Pilot Services page.

Would rather have that back on the login screen though. Would much rather have that and the MCT queue expirations exposed by an API.

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