Omega Status

I purchased an omega status subscription to my character in my steam account. When I looked at the account, I have two characters in one account and it transfered the PLEX and Omega Account Status to the character I no longer play with. Is it possible to put the Omega Subscription on a character of my choosing? And how do I do this? Also I bought the Steam bundle that includes 100 plex and 1 month game time.

You should submit a support ticket as soon as possible, if anyone, they are the ones who can help.

I should contact steam or ccp?

I think CCP would be the better choice as they can address your Omega status directly.

Got a reply from them, there working on it now. Thanks for your help.

Both plex as omega time are account wide. So if you indeed only have one account and applied omega to it (whichever character) then you are good.

If you applied the plex to a character then it will be in the plex vault, in your wallet and inventory. That is also account wide so unless you manually moved it from the plex vault into your actual inventory it will be available on the other character.

You don’t actually ‘need’ to, as the Omega subscription covers all the characters. For example, I am not the ‘main’ character of this account, even though this char is the most skilled by far. Its only really a problem if you plan to delete your old main char.

Some advice…if you ever plan to sell PLEX, make sure you have the Accounting skill as high as possible on the char that does the sale as you pay less tax for each level of that skill.

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