Omega on the wrong account!

Hi there, thought i’d make a post here just to increase the chances of my ticket being seen:

I just re-newed my omega via the steam store, but its gone and applied it to the wrong account in my client. I have my own account in the launcher that is seperate from the that I use called I just bought the omega as normal but this time it applied it to the steam account above and not

My steam username (not eve) is ‘’, if this helps locate the accounts in question.

I’m really hoping I can get the omega moved over toaccount so I can continue playing as this has been a stress with spending money on something I can’t use. Hope this is possible.

Thank you!

I have removed the Account Informations from this Public Forum.

Please wait for CCP to Answer the Ticket.

The account you purchase omega on, is the one omega applies to.

Steam integration with Eve has always been a bit wonky. “Until” they fix it I would recommend using the eve store to get your omega time.

I’d say your second account should just enjoy the double speed skilling.
How much time and effort are you going to invest?

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