Omega time question

(Ser PodriK PaiN) #1

Hi , i have a question if i buy omega time from EVE own site do i have to activate on steam or is it going to activate for my account that i’m logged in right now. I’m asking because i heard that steam creates a new profile and dosen’t add the time to you actual account.

(Arc Hammer) #2

If you buy omega from the Eve site, it will apply to whatever account you are logged into on the site.

(General Wulfen) #3

Dont buy anything over Steam, Login to you account:
Buy Omega time. Download eve online on

steam are SXXX :slight_smile:

(Ser PodriK PaiN) #4

Thank you very much for you answers i did what you said and it worked like a charm , thx again. :slightly_smiling_face:

(ISD Sakimura) #5

Accounts created through STEAM does not automatically get an “Account” name and an associated password; this you’ll have to create by following the instructions you can find here:

So to be able to buy anything, GameTime, PLEX or Packages, you’ll have to do this first. GameTime will always be added to the account you’ve logged in with, if you added with subscription, PLEX is put into your PLEX Vault which can be accessed ingame (or may be found in your Redeem Items).