Does Omega Time Included in a Pack Activate Automatically Upon Purchase?

I only have access to my phone for the next 2+ weeks.

I want to buy the Starter Pack (which includes 7 days of Omega time) and use the Eve Anywhere to accept a couple of contracts (I won two different skins watching streams) and also benefit from the Lunar New Year log-in event. When I buy the pack in the shop, will my account automatically become Omega?

If the Omega time is something I need to redeem, then I can’t use Eve Anywhere to log in to activate it. My account is currently Alpha.

I’ve bought Omega time directly with a credit card, and used PLEX, but I’ve never bought a pack that had Omega time in it, so I’m not sure if it’s treated as an item.

Thank you for any assistance.

The value/items are active in the account within 5 minutes of purchase. But I can only reference my experience as I play EVE on Steam and buy through the Steam store.
I do not know about any other transactions made through other means.


it automatical artvates from the eve store


Thank you. I was hoping so.

yeah learnd that the hard way

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