Can I buy more than one Starter Pack at once while they're on Steam Sale and activate them one by one whenever I get ready to?

I used the search tool to see if this has been answered and couldn’t find my exact situation.

I’m new and want to eventually buy all the starter packs while I get a good feel & understanding of the game, before I start subscribing monthly to Omega down the road.

All the Starter Packs are on sale through Steam and I want to buy the regular starter pack, bronze, and silver before the sale ends so I can just have them.

Is that how it works? Can I just buy all the Starter Packs I want and and Activate them in whatever order I see fit?

Thanks you.

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Hello and welcome to Eve.

Yes, you can buy the basic, bronze and silver packs at the same time.

Just take note that only one pack of each type can be applied to the account… meaning you can’t buy two bronze packs and apply them both to the same account.

Also CCP tends to offer sale prices on game packs quite often so if you don’t get it now, another sale will most likely be offered again in the near future.


To the best of my knowledge, when you buy a starter pack, the Omega time is automatically added to your account at the time of purchase. You don’t choose to ‘activate’ the Omega time later. Some specific items in a Starter pack (like a booster), you do choose when and which character to activate them on, but not the Omega time.

At least that’s my understanding, and various posts indicate it as well:

If anyone has more recent or more specific information(eg. Steam-related, since I buy direct from EVE Online store), please update the thread.


You’re correct if you buy direct from CCP site, the Omega time is automatically added to the account and when you log in, all the other items are in the Redeem queue.

However from 3rd party sites like Markee Dragon you get game codes that you have to enter into CCP’s site to activate… So if Steam site is like that, then the OP will be able to activate those codes whenever he wants to…

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Not they don’t, at least not on their website. I’ve been waiting months for the starter packs to go on sale so I can get all the Marauder skins I want cheap. :grin:

I’ve never understood what mental state is required to continue giving money to business you believe hate you? Personally, my life would probably be a lot easier if I were capable of such a cognitive disconnect. :thinking::man_shrugging:

I’m pretty sure they were on sale for Capsuleer Day, also on the other various events that have been happening every couple months this year… Or maybe it was on 3rd party sites like Markee Dragon…

Anyway, the OP said they’re currently on sale through Steam so yeah, those packs do go on sale at various times…


Yes they do. I’ve never paid more than half price for the bronze, silver, or gold packs.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I don’t shop at third party retailers, because I’d rather support the company whose product I’m buying directly. That said, if CCP is offering sales through third parties that are not being offered direct to their consumers, I will need to re-evaluate my dealings with CCP. I hate that stupidity of only offering sales through third parties.

Work on that reading comprehension, because you completely missed the point. I’ve also never paid more than half price for them either, they’re just not on sale more than twice a year directly from CCP.

I realize you arent responding to me but I would like to chime in. 3rd party retailers have paid CCP for their packs and probably get a bulk discount from CCP and so can make their money as well as supporting CCP. So imo you are supporting both CCP and the retailer and sometimes you can scoop up really good deals on packs, game time and other things they sell as sometimes the 3rd party will drop their prices to get rid of stock as well. So imo its a win/win for everyone involved.

I know I purchased some game time/packs through Humble Bundle years ago that were a fabulous deal at the time. Was super worth it and supported CCP and the retailer and I got some great value for my dollars.

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What’s your point?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Maybe follow the conversation, or get some reading comprehension skills. Do please tell me specifically where you’re confused. :thinking:

These packs have people’s interest because they are very good, because they are very good they have to be limited in order to not compete too much with their normal offerings. That’s… kind of obvious I would think, that doesn’t take a whole lot of braincells to figure out on one’s own (so without it needing to be spelled out for them).

Sometimes these really good packs are on sale, they have no real need for them to be on sale as they are good already (at least good enough for people to want them) but sometimes they are. Yet, as it seems, there are people crying about how an already decent offering isn’t on sale… enough.

The entitlement and main character syndrome is real.

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Where did you get crying that they weren’t on sale enough?

Did you read the thread or just the last two coments? No one is saying that. :roll_eyes:

Your posts

And every other poster telling you you’re wrong.

Provide a quote where I said they aren’t on sale enough.

I came into this thread responding that they don’t go on sale as often as someone said they did. If you read that as my saying they aren’t on sale enough, you need to go back to kindergarden and work on that reading comprehension.

I did mention once that I’ve been waiting months for a sale. Again, not sure how any rational person reads a single mention as crying about sale frequency. :thinking:

Try harder next time, troll. You bore me. :yawning_face:

If DMC, Epeen and I agree it’s probably a you issue.

Nope, all that means is none of you have an ounce of reading comprehension that you should have learned in elementary school. I’m used to that from Epeen, guess I get to add you to that list.

FYI, you’re just not that important.

Good riddance now, loser.