Question about buying Packs

Hi. Returning player after 5 year hiatus. Have two accounts, one is subscribed Omega, other is still Alpha.

When you go to the Packs page, it says “One per account”. Does that mean one of ALL of the packs, or just one type? For example, Can I sequentially buy the bronze pack, then the silver one, then gold, then platinum for the same account? Or can I only pick one and that’s it? It’s not very clear on the page. Thanks in advance.

Dray Cil

You can purchase one of each. After you purchase one, the bronze pack for instance, it will be unavailable to purchase again, but you are able to purchase the silver pack, or the gold pack, or the platinum pack, and once you have bought all the packs, you have now become the pack master!!! And you may , or may not get a title in-game. “Leader Of The Packs” . But this has not yet been confirmed nor denied.


With previous packs it was 1 each per account. I agree with Cicada and assume the same would apply with the newer packs.

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Okay, Thanks for the information!! Cicada Adacic!

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You can even purche one of each per account.
Didn’t try the new packages yet, but in the past my Alpha account got a couple of months of omega that way, and the same packages I had already bought and consumed by my Omega account.

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