Buying same packs twice

is it possible to buy the same pack twice? for example, i already buy silver pack from eve website, can i buy it again on steam for the same character?

Welcome. you would need to make 1 x account ie, Vladi Zarth
Then refer yourself using the correct link (you find that in your account eveonline com/recruit)
Afterwards buy the pack you wish again for the 2nd account.

Currently the packs you can only buy once are labelled as such, “Single account purchase” or something like that. After you buy them they’re greyed out and you can’t purchase again.

Somebody mentioned that some of the one-timers got “reset” at one point and they could re-purchase, but that’s probably not going to happen often.


One pack for account, tho some of the rewards aren’t account bound, so you may trade them to another account with the same pack, for whatever reason.

Also: you can buy bronze pack, then silver, then golden. Getting a lot of repeated skins and meh, but it is possible.

Can confirm I have done that 3 or 4 times

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With the bonus being you get them at half price right before the reset. Makes it well worth having a little patience and holding off a year to make your purchase, if you ask me. Especially if you have multiple accts.

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