Starter Packs Question

I know some of them cannot be bought more than once. Where does this start and stop? I know the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze can usually be purchased only once per account, at least thats how Ive known it to be but what about the Starter Pack and the Weekend Warrior Packs?

Ive heard of people being able to buy them repeatedly at times, maybe time based or offer based, so just looking for some clarity around this if possible.

I think people bought a pack in the NES, then bought the same pack via the CCP site. This upset many in the community with the first starter pack, as characters with 50 Million SP were able to buy another 1.5 for about $5, whereas the same 1.5 million SP would have cost far more $$$ in injectors from the market due to the diminishing rate of return for SP injection.

This also violated previous CCP promises not to create SP from thin air, as injectors are always filled with earned SP whereas the SP source for starter packs is less transparent.