Returning players

Hello I am lead to believe that you can use the starter pack as a returning player to your account once ? As opposed to omega time as to get a feel for the game again ? GM boosted has said you can do this once. Wondering if someone can confirm this thanks

Hello and welcome back to EVE!

If you look at the EVE “Packs” page, at the top it says “Single purchase bundles and value packs”. So technically all the Starter and Career packs on that page are supposed to be one-time per account.

However multiple people have reported buying some of these packs, and then sometime later the purchase history apparently gets reset and they are able to purchase them again. I haven’t been able to determine if this is a random thing, or on specific dates, or maybe an “after X months have passed”.

I’ve also asked a few people if they were able to purchase the “Weekend pack” (which sounds like an multiple time thing) more than once, but so far I haven’t gotten an answer back yet.

Safest way to look at it is each of those packs are one-time-per-account, and if any of them reset later for another purchase then yay for you!

From what I’ve been able to determine, the starter packs remain a once per account thing (weekend pack I think is different). However, they “refresh” these packs every year or so (usually around October time), so you can re-buy them once they’ve been refreshed, as they’re technically a “new” pack.

You can use the starter stuff once per account, regardless of how long you’ve been playing.

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