Starter Pack Sale Question

So there is a new sale on Starter Packs and they seems to have insane value for PLEX they cost. The sentence from the release on CCP website confuses me however.

Is it just one pack per account AT ALL or can you buy EACH OF THEM only once?


Typically, “one purchase per account” means each item can be purchased separately, once. So you should be able to buy them all, once, on the same account.

Caveat emptor though - CCP has used confusing/misleading language and changed the “normal” methods before.

If you absolutely desire the largest package, make sure to buy it first in case it blocks other purchases. If you’re okay with experimenting, the phrase “X pack gets you everything in the Y pack, plus”, and you want them all, I’d start with the smallest pack first and then buy the larger ones.

If you screen cap what you’re doing and save any receipts sent, then if something blows up, Customer Support is generally pretty good about helping you sort out your purchases.


One of each, per account.


I bought the Silver and Bronze pack and you can only buy them once per account, but the weekend pack you can buy over and over.

All the packs you can no longer buy get shaded out on the page if you bought them on that account.


I just bought the Insurgent pack and that is now shaded out.


Thank you all for giving me tips and sharing personal experiences.

I have tested it myself and can say that you can buy all 4 of them. The bought item just disappears from the store.



Ok when I put my original post it was correct, however, the weekend pack has now disappeared from the pack store for some reason.

When you do a search online you get the 404 error message as well, why CCP decided to remove it I have no idea but I just hope it’s temporary as it was a good cheap way to get a few plex and sub days now and then.