Did CCP quietly limit the amount of DLC you can buy from 3rd parties?

I used to buy plex, galaxy packs, mtc packs etc from Gmg and steam. Steam was especially convenient because I could go to my neighborhood store and get steam cards with cash and buy what I needed. Last week gmg messeged me when I asked this question and they confirmed ‘’ the publisher has now limited packs to 1 per account’’

Then this week I cashed out my steam credit on a plex pack and noticed the plex pack is no longer in my steam store or wishlist.

Anyone else seeing the same thing?

The Galaxypack is even on the Eve Store limited to one per Account…

What i meant is by 1 per “3rd party account” Example, my steam account can’t by more then 1 of any packs, including plex packages, even through i have multiple accounts.

GMG confirmed even through I have numerous eve accounts I could only buy 1 of any pack per GMG account

Half price Galaxy packs were limited to 1 per transaction and 2 per promotion when I was purchasing them. I was able to purchase for all my accounts because the promotion moves between 3rd party retailers and CCP offered the half price sale themselves over Easter weekend. The packs can only be applied once per Eve account.

I expected then to go on sale (like the old premium packs) and didn’t try to buy any at full price.

the galaxy packs are special deals I believe they are at a discount even at full price, and with the 50% discount it makes sense to limit them to once per account. If I were sitting on some extra cash to blow I’d have bought a bunch of those.

As for Plex packages I don’t know of any restrictions. Most of the people I know that bought plex did so multiple times, but that was a while ago. But seems strange that CCP would put a restriction on plex packs. Maybe that’s a steam specific issue?

Looking at some reviews on steam it looks like Steam counts everything as DLC so you can only buy it once anyways, which really doesn’t make sense for a sub based game, but there ya go, looks like the problem is steam.

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