Steam accounts and PLEX purchase fails pt 2

A little more than 2 months ago I opened the thread below, which was prematurely closed for no valid reason I can see. I was not given a decent reason and despite requesting it be reopened so that I could offer closure on some things in it, it never was. Incidently, I clearly promised there to report back on my findings. So here we are.


Since I had so much trouble with getting my plex purchase even to my steam generated account I hunted for alternate methods. I thought I found it 2 months ago. Turns out I didn’t. I was given bad or misleading info from somebody. Not sure who right now.

So, naturally I want to omega my existing (main) account. I mean of course. I don’t want an all new, starting from scratch Steam acount so I can start over. Obviously. But then I heard the EVE store will let you use Steam funds to buy plex. That simply is not true. What happens is you get transfered to Steam to do pretty much exactly what I was doing before: A Steam account/ character gets the Plex delivered to them, then via in game methods you manually pass that plex to your existing non-Steam account/character.

This is like the crappiest most non-intuitive thing you can imagine. However, that said, it did seem to work better (for me anyway) by starting at the CCP web page and logging into Steam web pages from there (rather than logging into Steam directly with their client). The transfer of plex was instant whereas before it either lagged a bit or failed.

Mind you that I also logged in to my Steam generated EVE account from the EVE launcher and NOT the Steam client. I avoided the Steam client altogether and that might have made the difference.

So here is my advice for buying Plex from Steam step by step:

  1. Make sure you have one Steam generated EVE account. Note that when you make this account it will be assigned a name consisting mostly of numbers.

  2. Close everthing down, Steam and Eve clients and your browser. (For me I also delete all history and cookies but I have EVERYTHING written down in a notebook and if you don’t, then keep the cookies and history).

  3. Go to and log in using the same email address you used to create the Steam generated Eve account. Minimize the browser so you can:

  4. Start the Eve launcher. Then click the Steam icon. Log into your Steam generated Eve account (using the same email account from step 3). Log on with the character you want to receive the plex.

  5. Go back to the browser and the CCP page. On the top left, click the store. Find the plex set you want to buy and click it. You will be taken to a payment page. There should be the option of using Steam. If you only see the two options of credit card and paypal something is wrong.

  6. Click the Steam payment option and log onto the Steam page you are taken to (NOT THE CLIENT) and log in using the same email you have been so far, but of course, using the Steam password this time.

  7. Authorize the purchase from the Steam page. As soon as I did this I could hear the plex being put into the plex vault of my character on the EVE client. The transfer was instant.

  8. If the Plex is for a different account or character than the Steam generated account or character you need to find a way to transfer the plex manually using in game methods. One way is by using a separate computer for the two accounts, and two characters, and trading at a station. If you don’t have 2 computers, another way would be to anchor a secure container at a particular location, put the plex in there, then have the other character go pick it up. Not the safest method and I am sure there are many other ways.

Good luck and sorry if I got anything wrong. This is the first time for me to get plex this way. Providing this thread is not prematurely closed I will update it with more information when I do it again next month.


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Wow, you really made things harder for yourself.

Simple guide for next time:

  1. Download eve thru steam.
  2. Open launcher from your steam app (you should have your old accounts and new steam one in launcher) and create character.
  3. buy plex in steam app (it’s in same location as DLC’s for other games).
  4. Launch your steam, eve account and redeem plex.

There is NO single reason to use ccp website. If you want to buy using steam. Buy using steam not CCP website. This is where you made mistake and digged own grave

It’s no secret that CCP completely butchered their Steam deployment, and never bothered fixing anything. They have almost no mod/dev presence in the community as well. It’s like they don’t care about Steam whatsoever. And I think that’s really stupid, because that’s one of the best places where they could get new players, but oh well, their choice.

You can also set up item exchange contracts, if you don’t mind the contract history entry linking the two characters together.

Or use an anchored secure container in a safe spot in a low traffic system if wants to avoid the contract history entry… or just a jetcan at a random celestial in Jita if want to get some adrenaline rush. :wink:

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You sure you understood the problem this thread is about?

I mean, I don’t use Steam, don’t know how it works, and all those steps seem a bit too much to me too, but at least I was able to figure by just reading that your “simple guide” doesn’t solve the problem the OP is talking about…


bottom line is that OP made problem for himself.

And OP already solved his issue. He just shared his story about it. Issue is that his tip how to buy plex is what lead to this whole story and problem.

I just wrote how you should buy plex on steam using steam. Instead trying to buy plex for steam from CCP totally bypassing steam store.

You don’t get it, do you?

The whole point of this thread (and the previous one that was closed) is precisely to warn others that doing it the “easy” way that you recommend is what caused him the problem he’s trying to help others to avoid…

But please, keep giving your “advice” without bothering to read what this is all about first…

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I trust my experience of transferring plex from steam to normal account for over 20 times. Especially when steps I described was provided to my by GM in first place.

Also, I don’t get what you are trying to defend. Especially when said yourself that you don’t use steam and know nothing about all of this. I don’t care about OP. He got his purchase sorted. Good for him. My problem is that when someone else will google “how buy plex from steam”. They will follow this weird instructions of how bypass steam store, but pay with steam money and good knows what else. And when somehow ■■■■ will hit the fan issues starts because you use services from two different companies. CCP won’t return your money because you paid using steam and steam don’t care because items where from CCP not steam store.

Yes, buying premium stuff like plex or omega using steam is total garbage. But let’s not make it even more complicated.

I’m not defending anything. I’m just pointing out that, if I’m understanding correctly what he said, doing it the “easy” way caused his PLEX to vanish, which is what made him try to find this alternate convoluted way, and you appear to be totally missing/ignoring that.

Now, I don’t know why doing it the “easy” way didn’t work for him. Maybe it was a glitch and doing it the “easy” way is still the “best”, but the fact remains that, as far as I can tell (but I could have misunderstood something too), you appear to be totally missing his point and talking about this as if he hadn’t already tried that first…

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So, I tested it again. Either way you are redirected to steam. There shouldn’t be any difference since final payment is done on steam anyway.

“Shouldn’t” is the operative word. But there are a crap ton of processes you never see, and all it takes is for one to fail and the whole thing fails. Lots of people have had problems trying to buy PLEX from Steam, and no one seems to know why this is. It could be some sort of intermittent connection between the two companies’ servers in different countries (Iceland is not exactly a net hub) or it could be a problem what browsers people are using. Or even a simple difference in their computer/ software set up.

Hell, as a separate example of complications there are threads about people who cannot even get the EVE launcher to boot. Then they fiddle, then it works, and they don’t even know why or what they did exactly.

Also, there are often two ways to do the same thing and one way just doesn’t work. As an EVE example, do you remember how blueprints had two ways to put them into the industry window but only way worked?

See above. YOUR computer, YOUR selections. They may be different from mine. PLUS one time proves nothing as I did this many times succesfully only to fail sometimes.

Yes you go back to Steam, but via a different route.

See above. YOUR computer. YOUR selections. YOUR experience. Others and myself have had issues.

I am not sure what part of “the easy way failed” confuses you.

Excuse me? Launch Steam and my EVE account OR launch my Steam generated Eve account? Can you not see how your comma just bungled what you said? Things can get complicated and confusing real fast.

Also, what do you mean by “redeem PLEX”? To me, “redeem” means to get an item into my character’s inventory. But PLEX should automatically appear in the PLEX vault. From the PLEX vault, you have the option to “Add Omega”. When you click that button you are taken to the EVE store and while it does say “Redeem items” at the bottom of the screen, the button you press says “Buy now”.

Try and understand, I never made anything complicated. Things ARE complicated and I had nothing to do with it.

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I am not so sure about this. There are details both you and I will never know, but it seems unlikely to me that Steam shares none of the blame. For all I know, they may have the lion’s share, or all of it. The whole bizarre way this whole thing works might be the result of both companies making certain demands, with the demands of one or both being ridiculous.

I like Steam. I like Steam A LOT. But my feelings for Steam don’t make them perfect.

Then there is the fact that the Steam page has a button for reviews of Plex on its page but it does not function. Yeah…

As for CCP at least they game me my one single good experience with customer service. I have to give them that.

You have a gift for introducing nails to hammers cleanly that needs more appreciation.

Same applies to you. Others also have no issue. Just because something worked for you with your setup don’t make it one and only proper way to do things and everyone else is wrong. When you are trying to make argument at lest try to not be hypocrite.

No one here is wrong or right. Only thing we know is that in any case somehow you end on steam website. How it works internally. We will never know. Experience of only two people is not decisive factor. I admit that I jumped to conclusion about CCP website before actually testing/using it and that was my mistake.

I could go back and quote myself on the prior thread, but its enough to quote myself here:

I termed this as ADVICE for that very reason. If I meant “THIS IS THE ONLY SAFE WAY FOR EVERYBODY” that is what I would have said.

This is my advice based on my experience, given the fact that other people’s personal experience has often been a huge help to others.

If my way does NOT work for someone, it is my hope they will use this thread to say so. Even I basically vowed to do that when I said:

I hope you don’t feel I am attacking you because I am not, but I am glad you see that. I appreciate your humility.

Moving on, I think its going to lead to trouble to term any of this as “simple”. Paying close and hard attention to this is the way to go. My success rate right now is maybe 7 out of 10 or something, not counting the two times I got reimbursed, which was a very NOT FUN exchange of mails and wait of several days. The other fail is just money flushed down the toilet from my end.

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