Steam is hurting Eve's image and sales

As I mentioned in a related thread, I have lost money buying Plex from Steam as the plex never arrived in my plex vault.

This happened to me once before and I got no refund and Steam customer service was useless. And I am not the only one and have read many complaints about this issue. Nothing about a game will hurt its reputation more than a consumer’s evaporated money. This is very bad for EVE, especially as Steam is such a massive gaming portal where people learn about EVE for the first time.

Also, looking at Steam’s EVE Online discussion page I see in the Accounts and Billing FAQ a pinned post from CCP alpha that is four years old and badly in need of an update. In particular the ability to buy plex from CCP using Steam Wallet Funds needs to be put in there. Also it incorrectly states that EVE subscriptions cannot be bought from Steam. This has changed if I am not mistaken. And now people are complaining about that too because they don’t give your existing character Omega time. They give you an all new Omega character.

Since plex can now be bought directly from CCP using Steam Wallet Funds, I suggest withdrawing the ability of Steam to carry plex in its store. People see plex there and think they can directly transfer it to a pre-existing, non-Steam account. From there they may start an alpha clone through EVE, then go back and buy plex only to find they cannot get it or even get a refund. And other bad scenarios too. This will do nothing but rob EVE of customers.

I cannot even write a review on Steam on its listing of plex which means customers can not be warned nor guided to the safer and more preferable option of getting plex directly from CCP Steam is just not allowing such reviews to be published.

All this means that Steam is making money at the expense of EVE’s reputation and harming CCP sales.

This has been true since EVE Online was available to download on Steam. Been this way for years, nothing new.

I mentioned new issues in my OP. I mentioned the FAQ being out of date and missing new information. I mentioned the new ability to buy Plex from CCP using Steam funds. I mentioned the new ability to buy an omega subscription from Steam.

Nothing new? FALSE

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Perhaps you should link the original thread (for new readers) and this other thread you are referencing?

Thank you for the suggestion but that will just draw this thread off point. The discussion there won’t add anything here. The discussion there is meant to help and warn players. The discussion here is to help CCP protect and further EVE.

They aren’t new issues, if you think they are, you’ve only recently been paying attention.

This is almost reposting the other topic, thats why it was recommended to post it here… its likely one or the other will get locked for repetitive posting.

We can go back and forth with “Yes it is” and “No its not” all day like kids on a playground. How about provide dates on what you contend is old or be silent. You are not helping anything.

I’m just stating that the problems you think are “new” have been inherent with Steam store since EVE was available (both PLEX and (back then) Subscription time / (now) Omega).

I don’t know why you’re getting so triggered about this.

No it isn’t and I explained why already. To add to that the first thread is a warning which will come with an explanation of how to buy plex correctly through Steam if my issue gets resolved. This thread is about how CCP can take positive action for the CSM to either take up or ignore.

I never said this was a new problem. I said there are new options, one of which can be used to solve the old problem and the other is making the old problem worse.


CCP isn’t going to ask the CSM to look at this. maybe 1% of eve players if that plays on steam. but what the hell @Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

(sigh) The point is to have the CSM bring it up to CCP. Obviously not the other way around.

And even I don’t play EVE on Steam. Steam is just how I plexed my account.

And if so few people play EVE on Steam that is just proving my point. Steam is only going to get bigger and so will its effect on EVE, whether positive or negative.

ok wait, you don’t play EVE on steam? was it a Steam account that signed into EVE, or an actual EVE online account?

To buy plex I would sign in on both Steam and EVE with the Steam account. I would buy the plex and it would go to my Steam Eve account/character. Then the steam account character would transfer the plex to my non-steam account character and then I would trade the plex for omega time.

In short, I would buy/obtain plex through Steam. Then I would transfer the plex to get my omega time.

And please don’t pester me about other options. I been through that. I had no other options so I did it this way. I will not try other options until my lost plex is returned. Just leave that be. Its outside the scope of the thread.

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That was going to be what I suggested was to actually make the steam account under the actual EVE online client.

Try submitting a ticket to CCP…

and this is similar that happened just this year

read this from 3 years ago

Please try and stay on topic. I am not asking for help or advice with my own problems, nor criticism of my life or choices. I am pointing out how Steam is making trouble for CCP and would like more examples if any of them doing that and solutions for CCP to correct this. Yes, mostly likely as useful as screaming at the ocean but you never know. Money talks as they say.

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Then go post it on the Steam forums, not here?

Who do you think Steam is going to listen to? A company called CCP Games owned by Pearl Abyss Corp. or me, some angry guy in Japan whose cash they took and don’t want to refund? Jesus dude, are you a troll?

FYI I am working both sides of this this time. ATM I am awaiting customer support from both sides and taking this more seriously than I did the first time this happened.