Almost a year since last PLEX sale on Steam


As someone who has recently come back to Eve again from other games, it is somewhat annoying that CCP no longer does any sort of sales or discounts on PLEX through Steam. According to the last sale took place on March 16th 2023, nearly a full year ago.

While it is understandable that this isn’t the most desirable venue for discount sales with the trouble redeeming in the past and Valve taking a hefty cut, there are likely a lot more players like me out there coming back to Eve from other games with an existing Steam balance from selling other game assets on the Steam Market that cannot be used directly on the eve website.

TL;DR - CCPlease give us a little sale on Steam so I can give you my Steam Money <3

I also miss this because I buy all PLEX through steam when I sell some CS skins.

Imo the sales are out of control. You cannot feel like you get good value unless you participate in one. I had the same thought about black friday. Its meant to make people spend more money, but what happened instead is that people dont spend any money until black friday.

So please CCP, fire your sales department, and just sell your stuff at a fixed (low) price.

In other news EA games released the entire Command & Conquer IP for $9 on steam :smiley: you get like 20 games for $9. And some of them are newer than EVE online.

I can’t believe it!

EVe Online, the only game where players actively complain about there being too many sales.

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Dear CCP, could you please add the recent PLEX sale to Steam?