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Hello people, I started playing EvE about a year ago I think, around the time when the game got split to alpha and omega clones, I had a lot of fun and wanted to buy Omega time but unfortunately I still posses no credit card and couldn’t buy it. Only recently did I saw that EvE is also on steam, and on steam you have some nice options to buy plex or omega game time in form of DLC’s, and since I have some nice money in my steam wallet I thought: perfect. Now the problem is; my account is made on Eve official website, and I hear there is a difference between accounts made here and on steam, which is weird for me. Seems like I need to download the game on steam and make an account through there to be able to buy plex with steam wallet. Im downloading Eve on steam right now, and I used my old account name and password (from Eve official website) and it logged in, I will see if I can actually play it after it downloads with my nonsteam account. So finally my plan is to buy plex on my steam account and then send it in game to my main account, would this be possible? I did search a lot on the internet but nowhere could I find a concrete answer. I would really appreciate some tips from those that have experience with this.

P.S. I really like this forum, first time here, especially this system that highlights errors in your writing

If you buy PLEX on 1 account you can contract it to your other account. In an Upwell structure you can also “deliver” it to a character on the other account - right click the PLEX in your item hangar and select deliver to. The other character can get it from the deliveries hangar in the same structure.

You can’t station trade if either character is Alpha since both need to be logged in.

A pack - like the Galaxy pack, has a code that you redeem on the account management site - the account that redeems the code gets the game time.


A debit card works just as well as a credit card.

the only difference between a Debit Card and a normal Credit Card is that Debit Cards cannot withdraw more than you have in your bank account (practically impossible to go negative).

Correct. I’ve seen too many people complain that they don’t have a credit card, but still have a valid debit card…

Slight correction. If you buy the galaxy pack on steam, you do not get a code. It is redeemed instantly to your steam account I believe.

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