Hi I have created my account directly via the eve client its an alpha I would like to upgrade it to omega and pay via a steam game card is this possible. How do I link to the steam wallet
Thanks in advance

You cannot.

Steam wallet is only linked to an eve account created through steam client. Thus, you cannot pay for omega for an account that is not created through steam.

Well, not normally.

I suppose its possible to buy the steam subscription, contact CCP customer support, and then have it transfered to your main account. But I cant gauruntee that they wont laugh in your face and say “What did you think would happen, dummy”. So I cant gauruntee this method.

If by “game card” you mean Steam Gift Card (code), you’ll have to first add that to your steam wallet and then you can use it to buy things in the Steam store; PLEX and/or game-time.
If you want to do all this from the official website there’s a few things that you’d need to do first:

Be aware that STEAM Wallet is only available to those accounts that have been created through STEAM. You cannot link STEAM with an already existing EVE account.

Thanks guys looks like the whole steam thing won’t work for me thanks again for the info

You can create a Steam account and transfer your character(s) to it and then pay with Steam wallet.

Or you can create a steam account, buy plex through steam and transfer to your main.

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