Adding Steam wallet as a payment method for non-Steam accounts

Is there a way to use the Steam wallet to pay for non-steam accounts? I have 2 accounts, 1 created from by steam and another one that was created separately. I can pay using steam on the account linked to steam no problem, but I can’t find a way to pay using the steam wallet on my second account. I found this link: Steam Wallet – EVE Online, however after browsing through my account management page I was unable to find a way to add my Steam wallet as a payment option.


Steam accounts will only have 1 eve account tied to it, and only if made through steam.

Even if I don’t want to link Steam to the account, I just want to pay using steam, it won’t work? Thats disappointing.

If steam were like paypal then sure, but it’s not.

What is it you want to buy through Steam?
If PLEX, or any other tradable goods, make a Steam EVE account, buy through Steam and trade to your main account.

If gametime, maybe you could again buy PLEX through Steam, trade it to your main account and activate it for Omega time. Not very efficient, but it is an option.

No, steam and CCP are different companies. You cant expect two different companies to be in perfect dubstep with each other.

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