EVE Account with Steam

So I want to purchase an Omega Subscription on an Eve account, that I use with the Eve Launcher, however, I have some spare money on my steam account so I was wondering if I can somehow link the accounts or buy the subscription for the Eve account through steam. Thank you for any help!

It’s not possible to link an existing EVE account with steam. However it should still be possible for you to pay using your Steam Wallet, although I’m not exactly sure how it works; see here:

That option is only available if I buy the subscription for my steam account and not my EVE. That means I have to create a new account.

If I’m thinking right you can buy plex through steam wallet and turn it into subscription on any in game account.

Yes, that is an option. Buy PLEX on your Steam-EVE account and pull them from the Vault, then create contract to your other char and done :wink:

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The way steam works, you can only link a steam-created EVE account to your steam wallet.

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