Cant seem to pay for anything on the store without using steam now?

Heya I saw the black friday sales and figured id throw a few quid away on some plex for the lolz =)
Unfortunately after logging into my account and clicking through to checkout I only get the ‘steam’ payment option. I don’t get it, even when I select ’ I want to use another payment option’ I only get the steam as an option??

What on earth? I mean I get maybe they would want to integrate steam somehow but my main account isn’t actually linked to steam, and even if it was you have just stopped me from giving you money :thinking:

Anyone else got this?

Nope, I get three options and “Steam Wallet” isn’t even one of them.
I do have a Steam account, but there’s no connection to EVE ONLINE.

Btw, this thread is likely pointless.
You should file a ticket in “Billing”, I believe.

Money related issues tend to get addressed faster, or so I’ve heard.

EDIT with possible solution: I just tried to buy something by opening the site from the EVE launcher and when I did that I also only got the Steam Wallet option.

Try to log into the store via the Forum instead and see if that makes a difference.

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cheers ill try!

Random hello to Lyta Alexander and I’m happy to know you’re still around :slight_smile: fly safe bro.

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