Steam purchase unredeemable

I bought a Plex DLC on steam. However, I can’t find the item in my library, and I cannot redeem it because it doesn’t show up in game.

Can someone provide a step by step guide on how to redeem plex?
It’s been two days since my purchase
I contacted steam, and they said to contact CCP, and I submitted a ticket, but it still wasn’t resolved yet.

is your account linked to Steam? or it’s stand alone?

I could be wrong on this since not using EvE thru steam, but on some other Steam based games you use credit card to put money into “steam wallet” then use steam wallet to actually purchase that item. I would check steam wallet to make sure you have not only transferred cash into it.

Hi there,

I don’t know if you have heard back from CCP yet. If you haven’t please add your invoice information to the ticket so that it will help the Billing department track the issue.

I’m have the same problem, made a steam linked account expecting to solve de issue but its not.

So I decided to give a try and bought another Plex pack and for my surprise it went well. But the first buy, before steam linked acc, still didnt show up.

Just want the staff to revise de buy order, and process it again

Problem solved.


How did you resolve your issue? I want to make a purchase on steam, but my EVE account wasn’t created via steam.

Steam purchases for EVE are ONLY for accounts that have been created FROM the steam launcher. After all, there is no other way for Steam to know which account to send the Plex to.

You can try contacting customer support, but also try to make a new account on steam as well.

EDIT: I just read what you wrote.

Again, either make an account through steam, or buy your stuff in the browser. Steam purchases only work with steam-created EVE accounts.

How did you create a new Eve Online account on Steam? I’ve downloaded Eve from Steam, I can open the login in window, but if I need to make a completely new Eve Online account from Steam, this message always pops up
"Login failed. Possible reasons can be:
We are currently in the process of creating your EVE account. Please try again in a few minutes."
So I honestly can’t create a new account from Steam, although I can log into an existing one.

@Ai_Ni Sorry, I am not sure if I understand your question completely, but you can only have one Eve account created through your steam account. If you are trying to create a second account you should make one through CCPs website instead:

I think this is what OP meant by “linking” their account.
And it does come in handy when solving account issues.

An EVE Online account that has been created through STEAM does not have an account name
or password, and can therefore not be logged into outside of STEAM or easily used as
target account for character transfers.
It is however possible to set up an account name and password for all Steam integrated
EVE accounts through the Account Management pages.

Log into “Account Management” by selecting the “Sign on through STEAM” button

Once signed in, hover over the “Account” drop down and select “Create EVE Username”

Once set, it will be possible to log into the account using the new account name and
password within the game launcher as well, should a log in through STEAM not be possible
for any reason

Sorry about the necropost, but this is a continuing problem.

7 months later, man. Im pretty sure it was resolved. Like 8 months ago.

What they were talking about, is that they purchased things on steam, without creating an eve online account through steam. In which case, it will not show up in your redeemable inventory because your account doesnt exist, as far as steam is concerned.