PLEX before account creation (Steam)

Hey, I bought plex through steam before creating an Eve account also through Steam. I know the plex are supposed to be under the redeemable items window (alt-y), but nothing has shown up there. I already submitted a support ticket, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Has anyone else done this and still received their plex? It’s been almost a week now but still no follow up. Thanks!

I would submit the ticket on Steam. If you buy PLEX from CCP you need to be logged in, if you buy from a 3rd party reseller like Amazon, you need link your Eve account. If you bought it without an account it’s probably sitting in limbo, waiting for someone at steam to associate it with an account!

I actually did, and they got back to me just saying that the purchases went through on their end and they show the plex being delivered to CCP. I asked them to look into the ‘limbo’ state possibility though lol. We’ll see what they say! Thanks for the reply!

Forgot to mention yesterday that PLEX no longer goes to redeeming - it is now placed directly in your account-wide PLEX vault. Make sure you check there.

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