Redeeming Plex from Steam

(Theta Dragonite) #1

I have an EVE Online account that isn’t related to steam. Today I bought PLEX via the steam purchases, but I don’t know how to redeem it since there is no game sync, unlike in amazon where you can connect your account to the plex purchase. Please help?

(Krima Sumyungi) #2

Well, you ■■■■■■ up. Steam purchases only work for accounts created on Steam. Either try for a refund from Steam, or make a new account through Steam to use your shiny new Steamplex on.

(Theta Dragonite) #3

Is it possible to create a new account on steam, redeem the plex there, and transfer it to my main account?

(ISD Stall) #4

I am not up on Steam and their billing and account systems. What I can tell you is that once the PLEX is in game, you can transfer it around like normal. So given that you can make a free alpha account it’s worth a shot :slight_smile:

(Theta Dragonite) #5

Thanks, I’ll try it.