How to transfer Plex from steam account to main account?


I’m a returning player after 2 years of break. I was playing really casually, doing security missions and some wormhole exploration, blinging ships and losing them gloriously. Now I wish to continue my omega subscription but plex is much cheaper if I buy it with my local currency on Steam than if I buy it from EVE store. The thing is, to use steam with EVE online, you need to create a steam-eve account which I’ve done already (no way to associate the main account with steam, unfortunately).

So the question is how should I go about transfering the plex from the unused character who sits on Jita to my main chracter who is on Amarr Family Academy. I just want to use it to activate my omega clone on my main account and nothing else.

I assume the Plex is in your Plex wallet?

You can drag the plex from your plex wallet, into your current station inventory, and then contract it over to your other character.

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If your purchasing PLEX to turn into game time, why just not purchase a subscription from CCP?
It’s much cheaper.

I believe there’s an option in the Character sheet where you can plex the account of another character, look it up from your Jita toon.

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He said he purchased it on steam.

Sometimes Steam does discounts.

Sometimes Steam currency conversion is better than EVE online main website currency conversion.

Was not aware Steam did Plex discounts. Thanks for sharing that.

No probs, I always check to see if they have discounts, which they frequently do.

Also check on other sites like Greenmangaming and others, they also offer discounts.

If I buy 500 plex from steam with local currency, it’s like 9 dollars. 12 months subscription is 11 euros per month, and you pay the whole amount at once.

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