Why steam 1 month of omega is way cheper than outside of steam

On steam 1 Month of omega in my local currency i somehwere about 8 (no sale afik) while for non steam accounts everywhere price is about 15 . Why it is that way?

Transfering to steam is good idea for better prices?

You can’t transfer to Steam. Your Steam account is only with Steam and CCP account is only with CCP. But you can start a fresh character with a Steam account and use skill extractors to rescue some SP from one account to other.

It is possible to create a Username and Password for your STEAM created account, so that you can login with the EVE Launcher, check link below! However you cannot link your EVE Account to STEAM.

Yes, you’ll make back the cost of transfer (one character) in just under 3 months.
The cost of character transfer is 2 plex one plex, and there is no restriction regarding Steam when transferring.

Make your steam account and transfer your dude over. Maybe wait until the last few days of your Omega time on your normal account before pulling the trigger so you get close to your money’s worth out of it.

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But can’t you just transfer a character to an account regardless if that account is steam or not ? using the regular character sale and transfer mechanics you should be able to. So make steam account, sell yourself your main, transfer it, done.

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