Merge accounts to steam


Is it possible to transfer a character from a CCP account onto your steam eve account?

I know it’s a paid service, and if yes do you just use the steams account name on the eve account info?

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Not that im aware of. Why not just create a new steam account to use


That’s what I want todo, move a CCP character to the steam account I just created that has a character already. This one has has skilled up abit so want keep him, its cheaper with one account and mct in the long run.

If I am not mistaken you can convert your steam account based EVE ID to a standalone (non-steam) one then you can sign in to it both through Steam and the stand-alone client.

Once done you just have to request and pay for the character transfer and it will be moved to the one that you can sign in through Steam as well as the stand-alone launcher.

Just keep in mind the character transfer will be visible in-game in your corporation history.

Also it would be best if you asked confirmation about this procedure from the in a support ticket on the EVE support portal (NOT Steam support) to make sure this works.


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