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I know this is probably in the wrong place, but you know how long it takes for a CCP to reply a formal support ticket.

I’ve being researching a little about subscription methods and I found out Steam created account have a small discount in my country due to currency conversion; this includes omega, PLEX, most of the packs, which is something I’m not doing for profit, the country’s economy is really bad and I might not able to buy the subscription with USA dollars anymore in a nearby future.

The solution is simply move my chars into the Steam generated EVE account. But. I cannot seem to find a reliable source that explains me what does transfer a char from an account from another; so here is what I would like to know.

When you transfer a character from one account to another, what are you exactly transferring ? Do you completely lose account based stuff like daily log in advancement, items in redeem window and/or recruit count ? Does your project discovery progress remain untouched for the transferring char, as well as AIR one ? Do you keep all your personal contacts and links, mail and mailing lists ? etc.

I know the omega state of the account doesn’t transfer, so I’m guessing there are other things that implicitly don’t transfer neither, I want to know which are those things.

Thanks for helping me out ! Cheers !


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Only the character and anything attached like clones/implants and SP transfers. Any assets and isk have to be moved to another char.

$20 to transfer.

Wait, what do you mean ? Assets owned by the transferring character remain in the old account !?

Assets dont transfer, like ships, mods etc.

Read that. That has all the info you wanna know

That’s not it. It’s not a character sell, it’s a direct character transfer from one account to another account owned by the same player.

Im pretty sure the assets still dont transfer. But you’ll still have to pay the $20 to transfer

That’s not true. I’ve got plenty of “junk” when buying characters. You may “want” to transfer anything worth keeping before you transfer a character, but you don’t “have” to.


Not that I’ve ever actually done it, but can’t you just do ‘add account’ in Steam and add your existing account to it ? I mean, I can’t see why it would ask for the user name and pwd under ‘add account’ unless that enabled you to add non-Steam accounts. has the official information about this.

For Steam specific information:


Everything associated with the character get’s transferred to the account. That means all assets, ISK, contacts, progress on PD, AIR, Agents, etc, etc.

Omega sub and Items in the redeem queue stay with the account, not sure about PLEX but I think that also stays with the account since the PLEX Vault is linked to all 3 characters on the account. If you have any items in redeem queue or PLEX in the Vault, best bet is to place those in the character’s assets before doing the transfer.


If I switch my char into a new account with an already going on daily log in rewards, do I get repeated halcyon skins ?

Also, if I had a recruited account, does it meld with the new account’s recruited accounts or the recruited in the old account will be lost ?

I believe the Log-in rewards for the account are based on whether it’s Alpha or Omega. The actual reward items themselves are random and the character being transferred to the account has no impact on those rewards.

Not sure what you’re asking. Recruitment is applied to a specific account which I believe must contain at least 1 character. If that character is transferred, the recruitment status of that account doesn’t go with the character.

Anyway, best to contact Eve Customer Support for questions like that…

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