Character transfer questions

From what I have read on the forums and CCP information, my understanding of character transfer is the character, jump clones, SKIN(s) and any remaining assets (ships, modules, items…) in the Item hangars of stations used by the character all get transferred, right?

ISK payment is optional for a private sale, but the seller will pay the transfer fee to CCP.

  1. In a “Private” transfer do both accounts need to be Omega?

  2. Do the “Notes”, “Locations” and “Contacts” transfer with the character?

  3. Is it ever possible to have an “Account” with no Characters?

3a) As in the case of a private transfer with no ISK involved and an account with one character to be transferred to another account. The seller pays the fee to initiate the transfer and says farewell to the character, assigning it to the other account. I assume out of game email can be used for confirmation.

3b) Can the receiving account initially be created as Omega, with no Character and receive the transferred character in the case of a private transfer requiring no ISK, but only the transfer fee to CCP?

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  1. Clone status is irrelevant when transferring. The only thing that will happen is an Alpha will become Omega upon transferring or vice versa.

  2. You can ask support on that. The char bazaar rules do not mention that. Though they do mention you cannot pass yourself off as the pilot you purchase. Say you bought Mittani character. You couldnt do anything to make ppl think you were him

  3. Im pretty sure you can since that is how the game starts, and i recall i have an account with no characters.

3a. You cannot post on the forums without a character. So you would have to create one to buy a character on the bazarr and use evemail as the communication for account transferring.

3b. Again clone status is irrelevant. Whatever account status the receiving account has, is what the char will be.


Also a private sell is no different than a regular char transfer in the eyes of ccp. Still costs $20 to transfer. The only difference is you agree with someone privately instead of selling in the bazaar. How you reach the deal is between the two of you, but its the same process overall as a regular character sale, and must conform to same rules.

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