Can you transfer your eve account to a steam account

Question in the title

You can find the needed Informations here:

Steam integrated EVE Online accounts – EVE Online


just realized i’m asking the vise versa of what you sent

It is not possible to convert a orignal Eve-Online Account to a Steam Account.

dam was hopping to use this one on my steam account

What exactly are you hoping to gain from this?
Can you do anything with a Steam account that you can’t do with the original Eve online account?

Just a lot of skill traning on this char

You could transfer the Character to any other Account i guess…

Character Transfer – EVE Online

hmm fine but that is a lot for an account

Is there any way you guys could trow my char into a npc corp as I think the only other person in my corp right now is my alt or do I have to put it in as a support ticket?

This you can also easily do yourself?

Log into the game with the character, then click in the member list in the corpchat with right on your name and select at the bottom “confirm quit corporation”.

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My main computer were I made this acount broke 7 months ago and over the summer I opend a support ticket to get acess back to my account but I’m stuck on a chrome book so I can’t fix it

If you already have an open ticket, support will explain the options there. In this case, unfortunately, we can not help here.

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