Converting old accounts to steam

Its so much easier to pay subscription on steam. How can we convert old ore steam accounts to steam? Eve requires steam to launch the game anyways. And the account management website rarely works for ccp. It would make managing multiple old and new accounts much easier.

You cannot convert eve accounts to steam, but steam can be converted to eve

To my mind, Steam has a security bug insofar as logging into one account somehow allows one to access all of oneā€™s accounts without having to enter the passwords for the other ones. Perhaps this is a matter of convenienceā€¦but it defies proper security.

That would be new to me and if it would be like this, i guess i would not be playing Eve.

Also my last knowledge is that using a Steam Account for Eve prevents you from proper multiboxing since you can have only one account. Pls correct me if this info is outdated.

Good, people need to learn how to play real eve.

How about promotions and discounts, do you get them equally on Steam?
So far I only heard of problems when compared with a non-Steam account.

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