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The account I’m using right now is linked to Steam. Let’s say I want another (omega) account. If I were to create a new steam account so I could pay using my local currency, would that be against some rule? Would CCP even care? Maybe I should make a support ticket but I thought that perhaps other players might have the same question.

As far as i know, it should be okay. I have a steam account, but i didnt like using it through steam so i got a regular login info from CCP and now i just use the launcher. Stuff i purchase through steam still gets added to that account though.

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why use steam?
install the game and make a new account
i have 4 accounts … dont use steam
its easy to handle that way …


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You can convert your steam based EVE account into a standalone EVE account if I recall correctly at the account management site. You will have to provide an email address, a username and a password though it was almost two years ago when I did this so may not be 100% accurate.

You can make several accounts by registering at the EVE website and can even use the same email address and later can link them together as well if you want though not sure what benefit this grants.

You can pin any account on your launcher regardless if it is the standalone launcher or the Steam version of the EVE launcher, you click add new account, type the username and password and pin it, set remember account details if you want the launcher to remember them all / any you wish (in case of the Steam based one the EVE account tied to your Steam account will always authenticate when you start the launcher while the other accounts only if you set the launcher to remember them).

Here is the related article:

As for payment method I if you can use PayPal then you can link your bank account and pay through that (in your local currency) and it will be converted to a suitable currency (by PayPal) when you make a payment.

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Thank you all for your responses. I already set up the alt account.

Steam offers regional prices, different deals and more payment methods. Setting up additional accounts is a bit of a hassle though.


ok … i stopped using Steam like 3 months after it was born … that was and of 2003 … must look different now i guess …


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