Link old accounts of EVE ONLINE with new account of the STAMP STEAM

Hello, I need help to link my new Eve Steam Store account with my old Eve Online account. Since I do not want to have to start from the beginning with a new character and I would appreciate if you guide me to achieve this goal together, thank you very much.

I don’t believe you can.

You cannot link your steam account to an already existing EVE account. However if you need you can create an account name and password (for use in the EVE Launcher) for your new Steam created account.

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Thank you, I’ll have it in mind

What you could do is add your old accounts in the launcher so you can start them from the same place. Technically you can run the game from steam and instead of starting the account associated with steam you can start your old account instead. This way steam will still keep track of your played EVE hours, you will have access to the steam community overlay and whatnot while still playing on your old account.

If you want to play your new character instead you can skill extract your old character(s) and inject the SPs to your new one, transfer over your wealth and so on. This has drawback but if you prefer to use your new one it is a possible option you can consider.

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