Steam ID on standalone launcher

Does anyone know how I can use my steam ID on a stand alone launcher? Or must I log in with my steam account?

And what if I want to have 2 steam ID’s open at the same time? Must I log into my steam account, launch EVE, then switch accounts or what?

I don’t think you can use steam directly with it.

However, you can get a username and password which works with your steam account from

I can’t remember the exact option, but it’s pretty obvious. You’ll know it when you see it.

As Steve said you can do it and “convert” a Steam account to regular one

I don’t know why steam even creates a generic steam account for eve.
this causing a lot of issues.

first I bought eve from steam and steam gave me a cd key to activate.

today I bought some dlc from steam but I didn’t get the key codes instead linking the dlc to the first key I bought on steam they created a new account STEAM::######.

now i have to wait for my support ticet to get this issue resolved by CCP
because steam tells my.
“this is CCP’s business not ours”

unironically CCP should reconsider its partnership with steam at this point.
and try to better integrate the CCP side of the account with the steam account side.

this is not the experience some would expect.

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