New launcher is not compatible with steam

I am getting it every launcher restart.
I am getting it nearly every server change.
And I am getting it simple every 30-60 minutes of launcher working in standby.

Setting an account name for Accounts created through STEAM

^Is not working, because i have bought eve through steam in 2009, at that time there was no separate login and password.

I can just delete steam_appid.txt in launcher folder and it runs normally, but without steam, steam-overlay and other stuff i use.
So how to run it through steam without bugs?


Why do you want to force it into steam?

Still not fixed.

Confirm , this still not fixed.
I already contacted the support but it’s 12 hours and no reply

Because some of us like to consolidate our games in Steam, and log the hours there etc. Sure, downloading the normal launcher is an option. But I’m sure we all agree that stuff like this should just be working to begin with.

Still not working

Well, I got it.
Go here:

Then open Launcher, you will get “We are currently in the process of creating your eve account… bla bla”
Close Launcher, go here:

There you will have to set e-mail, name, etc. Done!
Now Launcher will start normally.

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But that removes EVE from your Steam library, that’s the opposite of what we want. Not to mention that this is a workaround for something that should just be working.

No. Because EVE is F2P this action does nothing, but re-create account for steam-eve.

So would I have to create a new Steam EVE account every time I were to reinstall the game on Steam?

I will say it again: for thoose players, who have bought EVE in STEAM before ~2013 new launcher is not working, because it cannot find EVE account connected to STEAM account. And STEAM will not create it by himself.
So you need to delete EVE from library, than launch it and account will be created and launcher will start normally.

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