EVE Launcher Does Not Start

I start EVE within Steam. That’s how I downloaded it and all my purchases go from Steam directly to EVE account.

For the past month now the Launcher doesn’t want to start when the game is started within Steam. It just doesn’t start but after tries after tries after tries… and then starts if I’m lucky.
Steam says the Launcher is running but there is nothing in the system that is the case.

What’s been going on between Steam and CCP?
Is CCP eventually going to part from Steam hosting their game?

How can I can download the new launcher from Steam?
Am I going to have to re-download the whole game?
Am I going to be prevented from using the EVE account I created from Steam?

Can we have some information, please, or is this simply going to be just anorher thread ignored and put away for posterity?

Thank you.

I am even now trying to log in after the fourth attempt and still nothing.

I got it working.
I had to restart my computer.

I logged into EVE earlier today then shut it off to play another game on Steam.

This is what I’m finding out: If I log on to EVE then log off to start another game and then want to restart EVE I have to restart ( or maybe just log off my system ) in order for the EVE Launcher to start.

I don’t think that’s normal. Something is awry but it only happens with EVE, no other launcher has that problem so I assume it’s a EVE Launcher problem.

Will there be a response? Some suggestions on how to avoid restarting my system to play EVE?
I doubt it. Not on this forum anyway. Matter of fact, now, I wonder why I wasted my time posting this thread.
I wonder why I’m even on this forum. It’s not like I can’t get info somewhere else.

you could try killing the launcher process with task manager if it’s not correctly closing

you’ll have better luck opening support tickets both for solving the launcher issue and answering “is my account locked to steam now”

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Thank you. I did verify with the Win. Processes and indeed the launcher doesn’t close as it should.
I unticked the radio button in the launcher settings that minimizes the launcher instead of closing it and that was the problem this whole time.

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