Launcher starting but window not appearing

It’s in the toolbar & the Task Manager but when you clic on its symbol, the window doesn’t appear.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled, tried launching it with steam, nothing works. I didn’t have a windows update, tho I did have an Nvidia update, will try to backroll it if possible, and I didn’t delete it from the registry the first time, will try again with the EVE registry deleted. I used maintenanceTool in the files to delete it the second time, hoping it would delete temp files & caches, otherwise I’d love it if someone tells how to delete them manually.

I did a rollback of the NVdia update & a complete deletion of any EVE files, as well as the registry, didn’t work.

Same problem, I’m super frustrated, playing over ten years, and now nothing I do will allow me to play.

hey dude I submitted a ticket, and a GM gave me the solution, do the same !

The problem is that the settings of the launcher is connected to the basic account infos, before the first login the launcher works only with the most basic general setup (256 colors, 640480 res). So look for ‘EVE\Launcher\evelauncher.exe’ then properties compatibility, 256 color 640480 check (win 7 compatibility with all the box checked worked for me), start the laucher, add your account, close the launcher remove the compatiblity settings and done. Be prepared that its difficult to handle a graphic desktop with those settings.


I have re-installed my client twice now and still cannot get my launcher to work properly. Everytime I try to open the launcher it pops up as a black box then as soon as I click the box it goes white and pops up a notification window on my screen saying this program is not responding.

I tried to run it in compatibility mode it worked for one log in session then went right back to not working.

Can you please get back to me with a response on how to fix this please. @CCP_Lebowski, @CCP_Nocturne, @CCP_DeNormalized, @CCP_Unnon, @CCP_Darwin, @CCP_Convict.



Thank you so much for this. it worked for me. Thanks

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