Launcher starting but window not appearing

It’s in the toolbar & the Task Manager but when you clic on its symbol, the window doesn’t appear.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled, tried launching it with steam, nothing works. I didn’t have a windows update, tho I did have an Nvidia update, will try to backroll it if possible, and I didn’t delete it from the registry the first time, will try again with the EVE registry deleted. I used maintenanceTool in the files to delete it the second time, hoping it would delete temp files & caches, otherwise I’d love it if someone tells how to delete them manually.

I did a rollback of the NVdia update & a complete deletion of any EVE files, as well as the registry, didn’t work.

Same problem, I’m super frustrated, playing over ten years, and now nothing I do will allow me to play.

hey dude I submitted a ticket, and a GM gave me the solution, do the same !