Launcher won't run in win10

I’ve already submitted a ticket for this and thought I would try here too.

Due to a motherboard failure, I had to rebuild my main gaming computer and install win10 on it (my first real experience with win10). After installing all the updates (and there were a lot), I tested things and it all worked fine. That included installing and running eve. Now fast forward a few months (I don’t play eve often) and I try to launch eve and all I get is a big black rectangle. Also, the little eve tab in the task bar says Not Responding. I try several things to fix it…uninstall/reinstall, deleting the EvE folders in both the Document folders and in the Local appdata folder, using the Run as Administrator, using the built-in windows compatibility troubleshooter…but no joy. I’m out of ideas.

Because I had not ran eve for awhile, I can’t say if there was a windows update that broke eve, or an eve update that broke eve.

My present windows is version 1909, build 18363.535.

This could be a bit disastrous. My other gaming computer, which uses win7, runs eve just fine. But with win7 support running out in less than a month, I already have plans to update that rig to win10 as well. Oops.

Any reasonable suggestions would be appreciated. :sunglasses:

Go to the launcer, top right had corner, click the E symbol and then settings.

Disable 64 bit if ticked or tick if unticked then try again.

You can’t click the E in the launcher if the launcher won’t run. :sunglasses:

As it turns out, there was a registry corruption. Had to delete the CCP registry folder at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software. Then rerun launcher (which rewrites the registry entry).

For those others of you out there with similar problems, know that uninstalling the eve game does not remove all of eve from your computer. You can have leftover corruption in This PC–>Documents–>EVE, and in c:\Users(name)\AppData\Local\CCP.

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