EVE Launcher stopped working

Good afternoon.

The launcher (Latest version downloaded yesterday) refuses to run on my computer - This is what it says:

Module Name: evelauncher.exe
Module Version
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Deviation: 0006908b

Just to make this clear, I am trying to run the game on Win7. I have 95% of its services disabled, including Windows Update, in order to maintain Microsoft’s hardcoded timebomb sabotages from triggering to artificially slowdown my computer to create the illusion that my computer is too old when it isn’t. Half of the problematic EXE files are either renamed or outright removed from its core folders, all the schedulers are either altered or removed outright to avoid unnecessary operations.

I outright refuse to relinquish control of my computer to Microsoft by installing their Doors10 OS just to play EVE again. Before asking me to download old launcher versions or visit other topics that may have a possible solution, I’m going to say this - I’m not going to bother myself doing that -again- from scratch, for the 10th time. I have deleted anything related to EVE from my computer, and even bothered installing it on a different HDD. There are no registry traces of EVE anywhere.

No, I am not going to reinstall Win7 again because from all the several online games that I play, EVE is the -only one that refuses to execute the launcher- with an error code that has been bugging my eyes off since last year, and its annoying my face 'till no end. This HAS to be tied to Windows Service dependencies, but I need to know which dependencies do I need to activate for it.

Also, having the launcher autoinstall VCRedist 2017 for Win10 on background, replacing my VCRedist 2017 for Win7 that I downloaded directly from Microsoft’s repository, isn’t the way to go. Oh yeah, I shouldn’t mention the WACOM dependencies too, that’s also fun… Guys, you know very well that you shouldn’t program stuff with dependencies that aren’t normally used on a desktop PC…

Now, I want to play EVE and I don’t want to hear any typical “technical” suggestion that makes me think the ones that are giving them aren’t even CCP employees. What I want to know is this - What Windows Services does EVE Launcher and/or game itself depend to run properly?

Remember, I don’t want a typical “technical” suggestion. I want an answer that makes Linux geeks hide in their closets, and I know CCP knows the answer to it. Thanks in advance.

PS: The moment that Win7 minimum requirement disappears, I’ll just slap EVE under a custom Wine build and slap DXVK on it. I don’t even see the reasoning behind Dx12, Vulkan will make your life a LOT easier…

I’m not sure what you mean by “Win7 minimum requirement” - I (and many others) have been running Eve successfully under WINE for some time.

I know you said you didn’t want to hear from Linux ‘geeks’, but this is a public forum so that’s your problem not mine.

People should really learn not to skim through, leads to misinterpretation, followed by jumping the gun unnecessarily… The answer I want can only come from CCP, but I understand the pain that drove you to reply, since that comes with the “public forum” territory…

… Also, Download page has the game requirements there, but its at the bottom. Since you’ve been running the game on WINE, and I know very well that the game runs there even better than on any Win OS, system requirements don’t really matter there so I understand very well how painful it is to read anything other than “Download Client for (insert OS here)” button… “So, why are you trying to run it on a Win OS?” Because EVE is the only game that isn’t working for reasons that “regular” workarounds and suggestions are not working… Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here, would I?

… Anyway, I’ll be back later when a CCP dev decides to answer my predicament (and quite possible for other players as well), because its part of their job.

Thanks for the non-answer - and people do tend to skim when they see a TL:DR op…

If you want an answer from CCP, make a support ticket and ask.

I have simmilar issue- I have been strugling for over a month to get back in to the game - but nothing I have done has worked and I have done everything anyone has said that might help… New launcher just gives me this error ( http://prntscr.com/nxr8mn ) :frowning: I even did a full format of my HDD and even this did not help… :frowning: Windows 8.1 :frowning: :frowning:

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