Launcher not working


I go to load the game, the launcher is in my taskbar but cannot get it to open on my desktop.

In the task bar it is green, so presumably working and updating. I’ve tried collecting windows and if I alt-tab the programme is just blank.

I can get the exefile to run but it just says log in with the launcher.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it is the same. I have also installed in a new location and the same.

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Maybe R-click on the Eve Launcher icon & check for compatibility issues, also check Properties - Security tab - Permissions?

Hopefully you can find a solution for the issue in this sub-forum:

right click launcher in taskbar select close window

right click launcher icon on desktop
select properties
shortcut tab
Run: Normal Window
click Apply-OK
Just a thought

Thanks both. Unfortunately the problem still persists.

The launcher is active in task manager and has updated all files. But just won’t show anything in the main window.

Finally found a fix.

Completely removed EVE (including in the registry) and reinstalled it with the full game files.

Of course I must now re do my overview…


Gratz on finding a solution.

too the rescue

how did you accomplish this? I am stuck

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