Help to transfer outside Steam and another question Spanish

Hi guys, i sepak spanish, sorry for my english.

When the pandemic begin i try EVE in STEAm. This character is in steam, i got an offer for referral bonus from other guy (1m points) and pay the first omega month, but the payment in STEAM look weird. In two or three days i get 5m point, plan redeem all the skill bonuses and transfer to a normal one account.

i need help to :

1 ) Exist a guide to transfer OUTSIDE steam ? Already create anotrher account with the standalone application, and plan get the extra million points of the referral.

2 ) I dont find my friend, and want know of corporations in spanish. I wanna go to null.


As far as I know you can’t transfer an account from steam to CCP because the account on steam uses your steam credentials to authenticate your identity with the server.

Hasta donde yo sé, no puedes transferir una cuenta de Steam a CCP porque la cuenta de Steam usa tus credenciales de Steam para autenticar tu identidad con el servidor.

Mi español es malo, as is my post :frowning:

You need create an Evve account for your steam account . In the past i sold characters in character bazaar and my customer was in steam.


I am in horde and i dont know peoplehere in spanish. I Think Goons Have Rekium corporation and some guys i know in real world play in brave, but i dont know if Brave have a special Group / corporation in spanish.

My first account in 2013 was made during a steam sale of EVE for 5 bucks. I then got a 2nd account a year later through indie humble bundle during the great gecko giveaway and before the light/medium drone skill split… I think it was within a year of that, so by 2015 or so that CCP enabled all steam players to turn their steambound EVE account into a “normal” one. you just had to log in through steam on the site and generate a separate account name and pword and everything through the secure eve online account site.

Even after that I would still use the steam launcher (with 1 steam account on it and 1 non-steam account and then eventually 2 non-steam accounts… they all could play nicely and launch from the same launcher, yes), but one day with all the launcher changes it stopped working, and I just started launching the launcher from the .exe in the EVE install folder. From that point on I didn’t have to have Steam open to even launch, so… pretty much fully separate despite the account starting on Steam.

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Good to know, I shall amend my post.

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Finally i can transfer myself to a non STEAM account, for the Bonus of 1… i am now 5m trained s alpha and 3m for assign …

And Rekium accepted me =)


Grats! Good luck to you.

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