Need some help with Steam log in issue

So i was trying to make a account on steam so i can get the plex i bought off steam. Everytime i log in this is what i get.

Ive read where you might have to login to the eve account management through steam. Ive tried that and this is what i get.

The Steam account name is Steam:: followed by a bunch of numbers, is this normal? Also i havent even been able to make a character for this account yet because i cant log in.

If anyone has had the same issues and worked it out please give me your input and what i need to do. Also once i can log into the account and make that character will i be able to get the plex i bought?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like youre banned.

I don’t see how when I’ve never even logged in before through steam or made a character.

Your character is one month old.

Can you try and bypass the Steam application, if you don’t already have the EVE Launcher you can download it here. Even if you made your account and played through Steam in the past you should also be able to login with the EVE Launcher, if not then do as you have been asked, submit a support ticket here and inquiry about why your account is supposedly banned.

this character is not linked to the steam account. i was trying to make a new account on steam to recover the items i bought on steam.

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