Eve Online Support dead?

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I started playing the game almost 2 weeks ago using Steam, also I had a very old account I created but never created an account, in the end I played through Steam this month, I wanted to purchase the Silver Pack so I did… but… when i did it through the website… the Silver Pack went to the other account where there is no character at all, I submitted a ticket like 1 week ago to request a transfer or assistance but so far nothing, any clue what to do here? my subscription time is running and I am not even using it… :frowning: i really wanted to play the game but this is kind of sad for me :frowning: I really wanted to start playing with Omega…

Wait it out. These tickets are slow and if you didn’t hit the key words they have what seems to be automatic response bots it’ll take awhile. I’ve had a couple of interactions with them over the years and they have only gotten longer and longer. The only fast ones are the keyword ones that take a word or two and give you a response that probably has nothing to do with what you submitted.

It might be worth your while to just forget you ever made the steam account, and transfer whatever you bought to a nonsteam character on an account created through eveonline.com

  1. steam account names are horrendously formatted
  2. the steam overlay interferes w/ eve’s shortcuts sometimes
  3. issues like the one you describe arose because steam is acting as some kinda bs middleman. Not needed!

Whatever you bought, when you do regain control of the assets, consider transferring it to another account.

I bought eve online through steam back in 2013 and it was awful trying to do anything with the account thru the eve website. I ended uo starting fresh on a new account with a new character and felt good about it ever since. I still use it to this day.

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Aw so that means i lost 1 week of subscription… I tried transferring from the Steam account to my Eve account but didn’t work so I submitted a new ticket hoping they would atleast let me transfer it but both tickets are sitting there…

I wouldn’t like starting fresh again but damn… the support on this game is very bad… maybe if I try calling their support line?? I saw a number in the website.

Consider doing this:

The problem is, my main character is on Steam, the account I created a long time ago through the Website does not have a character, the Silver Pack is stuck on the account without Character, I tried transferring the character from the Steam account to the Eve account non steam without a character so I can use the Omega services.

No, ccp will almost definately credit your account with the time lost. I would be surprised if they didnt, so you dont have to worry about that.

The problem with creating a steam account is that you need to activate a non-steam version of the same account within the eve online account management system in order to do most of what CCP offers.

I ran into the same hurdle when I wanted to use my steam account alt. I got it because steam has better discounts and actually indicates the price in CAD instead of USD conversion which sometimes sucks.

In order to do anything like character transfer with my steam account I needed to link my steam account with CCPs account management website. ISD sakimura already posted this but he didnt give a lot of context to what he was posting.

You cannot link existing accounts, but you can create an account that allows you to log in through CCPs account management website.

I would not recommend transferring your character as that would be a waste of 20 bucks, and I am kinda disappointed that people suggested that.

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