Deceitful product from Steam

I bought 7 days omega time from steam. And quickly i realized its impossible to add this time to my old eve online account.

I opened submission on steam support website. I dont think they will answer, because reaching that page alone is a big challenge.

Now that Steam is not going to give my money back, as a returning player i am loosing my will to play eve online. Its sad.

I ve put a refund request on steam but its so lame that steam created a new account against my will and put that product into that account. I didnt even created it, and its not a starter pack. Its obvious that i need it on my existing account.

Now i have to wait. :(( not fair


This content can only be accessed with EVE Online accounts created through Steam. Existing EVE Online accounts not created through Steam cannot benefit from it.

Sorry bud it says that right there. I almost made the same mistake. I figured Steam has better days for noobs because they can’t get the 1 million skill points.


I ve just seen it somewhere at bottom.
Still its not logical (starter packs are already there) , and seems like a trap. I m sure im not the only one made that mistake.
I hope i get my money back.

I will never pay something in steam again.

It’s not a trap, which is why they wrote the conditions on the site.

Yeah damn them for putting it at the bottom :scream: Who reads stuff at the bottom amirite?

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dam urite

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