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How do I start omega subscription on my older account (pre steam)?

Background story: So trying to come back to eve after 4 year break. Omega is the only way to go IMO but when I paid for it through steam, none of my accounts got the upgrade. I’m guessing it went to some steam created account which I am hoping they (eve) will fix (transfer that time to my real accounts). I’m just curious how do you pay for multiple omega accounts?

I am guessing and hoping that if I try to add from my ‘account management’ page, the upgrade will take for that account. My concern is that from my ‘add omega time’ page, my only options are going through steam or through steam wallet. How are other players with older accounts adding the time? I have three accounts to do. I just don’t want the same mistake to happen.

Thanks for the feedback o7

I have no idea, but no one here will be able to help you.

Try here:

You can’t access pre-STEAM accounts with your STEAM wallet. To have access to you STEAM wallet the accounts has to have been created by STEAM.

You login on; in the bar in the top of the page, click the “Game Time” > Add Omega Time

leave Steam and use EVE with the EVE Launcher
its way better … i did that long time ago

i recommand this



You can use the regular account management page to add game time.

Adding game time through steam, will only add to your steam-created account.

I do not understand what you mean by “how are other players with older accounts adding the time”, since everyone with a non-steam account, adds game time the same way as any other player, new or old. Through the accounts management page.

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I tried to download it through eve online download link but it shows a black window. I just guessed that I couldn’t see it cause of steam. Eve online site link shows up as a black window also. I bought a brand new gaming desk top so it might be settings. Thanks for the feedback.

Hey Rex and Sakimura,

So you guys are saying that if I use Account management page, I can buy the omega time and it will go toward that account? I know this might be a stupid question but ‘Add Omega Time’ page send me to a purchase window that ultimately gives me two options; through steam or steam wallet. Just asking cause steam doesn’t want to refund me the money. thanks again

So first, you go to google.

Click on the eve online store and account management.

Click on “Log in”

Enter your account info and password.

I think this is the part where youre getting messed up. I would not advise trying to log in using the steam icon. Just use your account and password.

Go to “Add game time” or use the drop down menu to add game time.


And then, pick whichever amount you want.

I usually do it this way.


I just figured it out. So following your example, the payment option goes through steam regardless for me.

I don’t know if you pay using one of these options will ensure they credit the right account with omega.

But, if you hit the buy button…than login after, it gives you the credit card option. Going to do this after eve gives me my credit. I know they’re busy but please hurry, I need to play lol.

Thanks again for all the feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

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