2 Accounts, with 1 email, cant set up subscription for 2nd account

Hello, I have Eve through Steam. I have an Omega account associated with my email address. I added a second account and the user name is Steam (a string of numbers). When I load Eve, both accounts come up and I can choose which one to play. The problem is, I cannot figure out how to set up a subscription for the second account.

Anytime I log in to my account, it just shows the original account which I already have a sub for. I have spent an hour clicking on everything from the launcher to everything on the account page, but cannot find the place to pay for a sub.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I assume the second account is one made through the website since through steam we can only have one account.

I have 1 steam account and 2 EvE accounts, the steam account as you know by now everything is done through the steam page, but the other accounts must be logged in individually on EvEs website and then subscribe from there, logging on your main account won’t do the trick even with the others connected to the same email address:


You just login with the account you wish to add game time, click “Game Time” on the top left, then “Add Omega Game Time”

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That worked. I was also able to add the new account to the launcher. Thank you very much!!!


You’re welcome, fly safe o7

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